Saturday, August 13, 2011

My big girl!

 I have to say, I am sssooo happy and blessed to have a daughter! I think back to before I even got pregnant with her and how badly I wanted a GIRL!  When I found out I was pregnant for a third time I hoped and prayed for a girl but was preparing myself for a boy, just in case! 
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my boys but having a girl now is the icing on the cake!  She is AWESOME! I love to notice the differences between her and the boys!  They are all boy! And she is ALL GIRL! She loves to "make Cookies" with her two different cookie toy puzzles and she is a cooking queen with her kitchen toys!  She plays with her baby, hugging, patting, rocking and kissing baby all the time. It's so adorable to watch!
She also listens quite well, sometimes better than her brothers! She is great at cleaning up, picking up her toys and she loves to throw things away,,, sometimes things that aren't garbage!
Different than her brothers, she has quite an array of interesting facial expressions! She will show you if she is satisfied or displeased with the situation just by the look on her face!
One similarity to the boys is her ability to growl at toys that would appropriately growl, like the bear and the dinosaur!  Of coarse her brothers taught her this skill!

Here she is chillaxing on her brother's bear rug with her baby doll watching some Sesame Street!  Oh WOW, I love my baby girl!  She's perfect in every way!
almost 16 months old

Thursday, July 14, 2011

WHERE has the time gone! She's over a year old!

Time has just flown by and I can't believe I haven't posted in over 7 months! WHOOPS!!! well, here's the low down in the short version!
11 months old: went to Disneyland with her family and Grandma Arlene,,, luckily wasn't crawling yet! but she started crawling right when she got home!
1 year party was at home! Attending were the Mannings, Dale and Jayne (babysitter), Aunt Christi and cousin Kayla, the Wolterstorffs, Grandma Arlene and Sharon and Grandpa Leroy! Susie Manning did a GREAT job on her cake! THANKS!

Currently, Tenley is 14 months old and has been walking a for about 3 weeks! She almost runs now! She says lots of words but none very clearly,,, except "Hallelujah" is as clear as could be~
She also says, "Dadee, Mommm, Bruber (brothers), Dett (Jett), Audi (Otto) DanDu (Thank you), Pritty, NighNigh, and Uh-OH"
Her favorite thing to do is get into my lazy suzanne cupboard and throw out all of the tupperware bowls!! that sort of drives me crazy after the tenth time!!! She is actually getting to be quite the Mama's girl! She can be very clingy to me at times but also there are times when she pushes me away, not wanting to be restrained! I think she's adorable, amazing, so smart and just perfect! The boys adore here and honestly can play with her for hours!