Tuesday, December 29, 2009

25 weeks Jett's the photographer

We are in the last week of Christmas break...

With all the snow and not being able to travel east (to visit Cory's family) we have had lots of time in the house. Among many indoor activities one of which has been doting over the baby. All three of the big boys have felt it move within the last week. The boys, especially Oakley, love talking to the baby. BUT, tonight, as Cory and Oakley were gone to wrestling practice, it was Jett who got to "spend time with his baby." He took my camera and started taking belly photos,,, nothing professional but we had fun!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally Jett and Daddy felt the baby

Finally, Jett felt the baby yesterday, December 27th. He was super excited and shocked that it felt different than he thought it would.

Cory felt the baby this evening (Dec 28th). He was also surprised,,, that it didn't feel stronger!
I say, give it time. We are only 25 weeks, so in ten more weeks that baby is going to be much stronger!!!!

Oakley felt it again yesterday morning. Oakley enjoys snuggling in bed with us in the mornings and so he got to feel the baby during it's active time (7am).

AND me,,, I feel the baby a lot now. Mostly very low tapping feeling but at least I can feel it all the time now! Sometimes it gets uncomfortable but I still enjoy it,,, knowing that the baby is healthy enough to move is a good, reassuring thing for a mama!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

23 weeks at Christmas 2009

I am feeling good, doing good and just feeling so blessed to have such wonderful boys, all three of them, as I await our new baby!

2009 Christmas Eve Belly
photo by: Jett Blakeman
Our baby, is still very low but knows how to make itself present, at least to mom anyway. It has been very hard for anyone else to feel baby. I think this is because its faces in towards me and so I feel the kicks but they aren't felt on the outside so much. Oakley was the first and, so far, the only to feel the baby. He was so excited yesterday, December 23rd, when put I his hand on my belly and, booom, there was a little thump... "Mom, Mom, Maaaaaaammm, I FELT IT! It felt like this,,, FLICK!"
I think Dad and Jett were a little jealous! Surely, at only 23 weeks, they will have time to feel the baby!
I have been fighting a congested head with a stuffy nose. I feel pretty good overall so I am not sure if it is a head cold or just this dry weather, allergies and/or the stuffy head thing from pregnancy!?!?! Whatever it is, I am praying it goes away soon and it doesn't move into my chest! Meanwhile, crank up the humidifiers!!!!
Cory is eager to get the babies room ready. I am feeling like I am in NO hurry and know I work best under pressure but I've decided I can let Cory take over and do what he wants with the room as long as he doesn't require me to work till my back breaks! Which by the way, my back has been a little achy but bearable! Thank the Lord there!!!!
Merry Christmas to all

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Starting week 21 and getting excited

Well, I guess because of the ultrasound and pictures we are all getting more excited. For me, it is probably because I am feeling more movements. They are still pretty weak little taps, little movements and an occasional roll-over but more frequently. Despite the fact that the movements are very low I am still enjoying feeling the baby!
The boys are getting more and more excited. They come love on the baby several times a day! They are so adorable when they hug and kiss my belly! Oakley especially enjoys talking to the baby and Jett says he keeps having dreams about his baby "sister".

I think it is getting more real for Cory too. I caught him looking at dresser/changing tables online tonight! Ya know, he's the planner!

Cory and I both think it is a boy... Cory because he wants a boy, me- because I am just trying to prepare myself for another boy! The boys undoubtedly want a girl and think it is a girl!

No one else has got to feel the baby yet! It is just too low and too light! Cory has been close but every time he puts his hands on my belly she's completely still. I think she is playing "freeze tag" with dad!

Have a great week!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ultrasound was cool!

WOW, ultrasounds have come a long way since I had Jett's 8 years ago and even Oakley's, 6 years ago. I loved it! All was great,,, baby is perfect! It wiggled and moved and yes, I got it confirmed,,, it is hanging out very low! It was so cute! It was funny that it kept putting its right leg up by its check! Flexible lil' thing!!! Well, here are some pictures of Lil' Baby Neuharth!

In case you were wondering,,, The heartbeat was 141~
which I think sounds like a boy,
but I am still hopeful!

By the way, did I mention that I LOVE my new baby, boy or girl, whatever it may be. (No, we didn't find out and the ultrasound tech didn't even peek so NO ONE KNOWS!) I just LOVE MY SWEET LITTLE ONE! Our baby is adorable and perfect no matter what! I am just happy it is healthy! But either way, what a great surprise we are going to have in April!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finally,,, they know!

Ah, seriously, my belly has been getting so big and EVERYONE, even strangers have been noticing,,, well that is except my 12 and 13 year old students! I thought this was going on long enough and getting ridiculous!
So, I gave them a journal writing assignment to help me share the news. The first journal prompt said, 'Write about everything and anything you know about babies!' They were a little perplexed at first, but were able to come up with a few things like:
'Babies are cute but they poop, eat, sleep and keep you up at night!' (Gee aren't they smart middle schoolers!) A few of them even volunteered to tell me how babies were made but lucky for me, they didn't go into too much detail!
I had them unfold the paper and continue writing about the second part of the prompt... 'Now, write why you think Mrs N. picked this journal topic.' Can you believe only one student wrote ANYTHING responding to this second prompt. She wrote, "OMG, MRS N, are you PREGNANT!???"
Funny huh,,, so after reading all of the journals I let that student read hers and then finally it was all crystal clear to the rest of them, as to why I was "getting fat!" A few of them said they were starting to think I was going to have a baby, but they didn't want to say anything in case I was just getting fat! FUNNY HUH!

Now, since they know I am having a baby, they are very clever to get me off topic during teaching time to discuss their choices for baby names! I've assured them I will consider their baby name suggestions, but to not be hurt if Cory picks something different! HAHA!HA! I did however, have to flat out tell one student NO when he asked me to name it Buck! Oh now, I just thought of something! Cory might like that name; that might be one he actually agrees on. AND gee, if we have a girl we can name her Doe! Okay, enough with the funny business, this "fat teacher" better get to bed!