Saturday, April 17, 2010

Are we done yet??? 40 weeks here we come!

AHHH, only about 3 days until our due date! Today is Saturday the 17th and my due date is Tuesday the 20th~ I can't imagine this baby going past the due date. Jett was born ON HIS due date and Oakley was 10 days early so I am actually surprised it has stayed in this long, specially with all the braxton hix and contractions I've been having the past 3 weeks!

So, here's the latest: Last 39 week Dr. appt was Tuesday the 13th. Baby's heartbeat was in the low 150's/high 140's. It is still head down, in the right position, which is great news! The sad news is after 2 weeks I was STILL only dilated to a 2~ She attempted to strip my membranes and that result was VERY uncomfortable! My blood pressure was a bit high. The Doc was going to keep me for observation but after rechecking it, it went down enough she let me go... THANK GOODNESS!

I made it through the rest of the week with hardly any braxton hicks and really just feel pretty darn good! I can't believe I was complaining about my back NOT hurting... I guess I just figure it's got to hurt to get this baby here! I felt so good Thursday that I was caught by a co-worker skipping,,, YES, skipping down the hall! Then after work I went to the Rec center,,, walked a FAST mile, and did 20 easy minutes on the elliptical and felt GREAT!!!! So, early Friday morning (*3am) I had lots of contractions but they never got strong enough to go to the hospital! They of coarse, went away when I got up and started getting ready for work! :) So, Friday turned out to be a pretty good day ending in two walks,,, totally 2.5 miles! I had a few more contractions that evening but only while laying down~ after I went for that second walk all contractions went away so I went to bed and slept pretty good/contraction free, all night!

Today, Saturday, I had some "signs" things are finally progressing on the thinning of the cervix! I had quite a bit of back pain today and the worst part of the day was my emotions were a bit outta control! I guess the hormone surge is a little high right now! That and I will admit, I am getting a bit anxious and ready to have my baby in my arms... oh and did I mention, I DON'T want to have to go back to work on Monday!!!!

Monday the 19th is our second wedding anniversary! I wonder what we will be doing!!?!? Taking care of our new baby, going out to supper- while praying for our baby to come or HAVING the baby???

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 38...


Week 38 or I should I say approaching week 38 in two days and no signs of baby other than I have "practice" contractions every early morning from 2-4am. They hurt and are so annoying that I can't sleep through them but they aren't the "real" thing yet! I could wait, and would really like to wait another week but the wait would be so much nicer if I weren't in pain most of the time! With the "contractions" and braxton hicks, back pain and just general "icky" feeling I'm getting tired! But I will wait,,,



So, 38weeks and the Dr. appt was very uneventful~ I said NO THANK YOU to being checked this week! We didn't get to hear the babies heartbeat much because it was moving around so much! What little I did hear sounded "fast." I actually forgot to pee in the cup~ and that was no big deal I guess because they didn't make me try again! Anyway, all was good at this check up. The Dr. said I should take some Tylenol PM and try to sleep through those crazy pre-labor contractions and just be glad they are "getting me ready" whoohoo!~ Embrace the pain!