Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nearing the end of week 10

AAAHHHHH, this has been the longest week of the longest 1st Trimester!!! Hoping the last two weeks of this trimester, coming up, don't take this long.

MONDAY, I was just tired and not happy about being at work. It was a cold, dark and yucky day and after work I had to take Jett to soccer practice in the rain. It was just a blaaa day!
TUESDAY morning I woke up all disoriented, asking Cory if it was Friday? I was looking forward to sleeping in the next day, which I though was going to be Sat... boy was I in for a rude awakening when Cory said, "Good morning honey, yesterday was Monday so I'm thinking it's not Friday." Gee thanks Cory!
I popped my button off my pants and figured out the maternity pants my SIL gave me are NOT going to work on my FAT legs!!! I need to go shopping soon! My back started to feel achy and my throat/glands started to feel flared up by the end of the day. Jett had a soccer game Tuesday after school. It was a long busy day!
WEDNESDAY- I complained and whined a lot today! I got my eye brows waxed after school. I think being flat on my back with my head too low, for 20 minutes was not good. I started feeling like my face was filling up with blood and I was praying I wouldn't pass out as my limbs started getting numb! I know, I'm a dork! Then when she finally let me up I felt like CRAP!! Don't worry though, I am sure it was worth it. My eyes look great!!! When I finally started feeling a little better, I went to the Gym for a quick workout. My thirty minutes of spinning was a pretty good workout and then I lifted legs. Another really long tiring day!
THURSDAY- Can you say, BACK PAIN??? Ohhh boy my backache was totally flared up all day which made for a tough day. I took Tylenol (all I can take) several times and that didn't touch it! So, I think it was a combo of a crappy chair at work, sitting too much, too many dead lifts the day before, stress and I think my back is just "out". I guess I need Dr. Scott. Thursday was also the day someone at work "guessed". I was just a little P.O.ed! She said, a 'lil birdy told her there was something I needed congratulations for.' I tried to play dumb but she came right out and asked me if I was pregnant. I wanted to say no, but then I just said, "is it that obvious???" AGHH!!! I wasn't ready to tell people at work. I have been worried about that dark spot on the U/S and just freaked out if something goes wrong I don't want EVERYONE at work knowing already. I am only ten weeks. Geez, I know plenty of woman who have had miscarriages after ten weeks! I just don't feel like EVERYONE needs to know yet! I let her know this and she said my secret was safe with her... ???? Then, as you read in my last post, Oakley is suspecting his mom's having a baby, so I guess it is that obvious!!!
FRIDAY- My back was still hurting but it was a little better. I started to feel like I might be getting sick. I called the Dr. to ask if I could take preventative stuff like EmergenC and Airborne. The nurse said, NO but I could wait until I got the cold and then take TylenolCOLD! What? are you kidding me!? Cool, I can hardly wait to get sick.
My belly is sticking out more and more everyday! SO, I figured with the rumors about ready to start at work and my growing belly I had to tell my aid so she didn't hear the news from someone other than me. She is so sweet and trustworthy!
Did I mention I am feeling so fat!? I was going to "control my eating" with this pregnancy but I'm not off to a great start, specially this week! Too many poor choices at restaurants, too many "coffee drinks" and too much ice cream this week! What a rough week!
SATURDAY- Despite my wishful thinking earlier in the week I didn't get to sleep in!!! We were at soccer games at 7:45am!! It was a rough day with my first born! I swear, if I had a dollar for every time he whined or cried today I would have enough money for a mommy weekend getaway!!! Can you say, 'Naughty'? I was really struggling to maintain sanity today... I'm sure those same pregnancy hormones that are making my face breakout,,, are the same hormones that make me want to choke somebody! Luckily,,, we all survived!
So, here I am Sat. night, the end of the day, the end of the week and I feel huge! Seriously, like I should be having more than one!! Okay, maybe I just ate too much at Applebee's but what's the deal? It's ridiculous!
I will try to make next week more positive! really I will,,, when I get whiny I will just think about Jenni who carried not one, not two but THREE baby boys to almost 36 weeks!!! CHECK EM out!!! Isn't that amazing!?!?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who knows now? geez who doesn't know?

We haven't told the boys yet and I am trying to keep it a secret at work since I am only ten weeks but people are staring at my belly, starting rumors and guessing and now they are talking. My answer is, "Do I look pregnant?" and I walk off! WHICH apparently I do look preggo already because Oakley just came up to me and said, "Looks like your prayers working,,, you are getting a big ol belly!"
I said, "ya think?"
and he said, "Well either you aren't working out enough or you are gonna have a baby!" SO,,, I guess it is time to tell them!! This sucks! I am only ten weeks and only having one baby and already showing! What's up with that. I could see if I were having 3 babies like my friend Jenni, keeping it a secret at ten weeks would be impossible, right? but seriously, I am sure we are only having one!!! what gives???

oh and to add insult to injury... yesterday I was wearing a pair of pre-pregnancy dress pants that I barely got buttoned that morning. Only an hour into work and the stupid button popped off! Yeah, I am feeling FAT! I am ready to feel the baby kick, move or do something so this gets more exciting than getting fat and popping buttons!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

week 9 is almost over!

Okay, another week down!
I had my first real Dr. appt and U/S on Thursday the 17th. It was a good day to go because I had some serious pain going on that morning, so to calm my nerves it was just good to see the Dr.
Here's what I think was the cause of that pain,,, the whole night before I kept waking up and as I was waking up I was stretching, like arching my back and stretching as long as my body would reach! WHY?? I don't have a clue because it was the pain from the stretching that would wake me up! BUT, for some stupid reason I kept doing it, like 5 times! Anyway, the whole morning I had this stupid "Stretched out" pain! The pain actually subsided by the time I got to the Dr. after walking around at work for an hour and a half. :)
All the normal stuff: urine test-good and blood pressure- good~

Cory came with so he could see the peanut and hear the heartbeat! Unfortunately, after I asked about the H1n1 vaccine, the Dr. spend most of my appt time printing out H1N1 info and therefore we got very little time to gaze at our baby! We literally had 2-3 seconds to watch the baby float around and even wiggle a little. Then she showed us the heartbeat which was 171 bpm. AND, that was that!!! We did get a print out of the baby pic. We decided it looked like a ghost baby! "Booo, ahh!"

The Dr. showed us a dark spot on the U/S picture that she said could be a blood clot or maybe just a large blood vessel. This was slightly scary but she didn't seem concerned. She confirmed with me that I have NOT been bleeding at all and said that if I should start bleeding to get into the clinic right away. So, I am not worried, well until I think about it! (So, don't ask me about it!)

So, anyway, as we left we were both thinking, "well, that wasn't that special!" I feel bad that I say that but I guess I just had such high expectations for this U/S being so amazing, thinking that we would have some great connection with our baby (specially Cory) and that just wasn't the case!
Personally, I can't wait to feel movement. I wonder what Cory will think the first time he feels the baby kick him!!!
So, we've told a few more people,,, just friends here and there. Like a friend of Resann's whom I'm also friends with, who happens to be the head OB delivery nurse at the hosp in Sfish! I had to tell Kristen M so her and Melissa could have something to talk about!! heehee! Cory told Marty and grandma Peterson. I'm sure the overly excited Grandma Sharon told everyone she knows after hearing that we in fact had a viable pregnancy after that U/S. :)

Here is a first,,, Thursday night we went to church for our first night of Financial Peace University Class and Cory's ol' Powerlifting friend Janeen C., who was also attending the class, GUESSED!!! She was very brave to ask. She looked down at my belly (which really just looks like I'm eating too many donuts right now) and said, "Are you pregnant!?" I couldn't believe she said that but I couldn't deny it either! :) Leave it to Janeen to be the first to ask! LOL!
I still haven't told anyone at work! and there are still a few friends who stare at my belly but I haven't told them!
So, on to week TEN!!! whoohoo! I am very eager to get out of the first trimester! :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ending week Eight

Well, it is Friday of week 8. AND let me just say, it has been a long week! I am glad it is Friday. I am truly so tired I really don't think I can finish this blog tonight! Will need to do it tomorrow after SLEEP!

Okay, five days later, I feel like I have time and energy to finish my overdue week 8!
Really, the only thing to speak of is being tired and gassy! I know, TMI, but where is all this as coming from!? agh!
Oh and my belly is starting to poke out more! (Cory noticed it is growing when he got home from CA) My belly feels so "bloated" and very high! I really wish I had a longer torso. No one has noticed yet but I think a few people, one girl at work and my friend Dawn, have been starring at my belly! I can imagine they are thinking, 'Ok, is she getting fat, or could she be preggo?' But that is just too big of a risk to ask at this point! Heehee!
When they do ask, I am going to tell them NO and make them feel bad! haha! oh, that's bad, I know,,, paybacks= my belly just jiggled when I laughed! AGH!!!!!!

Thurs. the 17th is my next appt where we should get to do an U/S! I am so excited to see the peanut and have Cory experience this with me!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Week Seven

Well, this is Friday of Week seven. I guess my weeks start on Tuesday... So, anyway. I starting feeling real Morning Sickness (M/S) this week. Like Seven weeks on the dot,,, Tuesday morning I felt it. Then Wed morning a little more. Always, the same time of the morning, in the car driving to work. Then Thursday morning I thought I might puke! I didn't thank goodness but needless to say, M/S and 7:30am staff meetings don't mix. Every morning it starts when I get in the car, doesn't matter if I ate already or not and it lasts until 9:00am. Then I am fine! I actually felt so good all week in the afternoons I worried something was wrong. I forget I am pregnant and when I all of a sudden remember I think, "OH gosh, what if I am NOT pregnant?" BUT then I eventually quit worrying about it and I am fine. I am so eager for that U/S on the 17th I can barely stand it! I just want to hear its heartbeat and see a little peanut in there! It seems like it has been so long since I found out... I guess really only 3.5 weeks but WOW, it is going slow! Sometimes I think this feels like my first pregnancy. I freak out and anticipate so much that you would think this is my first! Guess it has just been so long it seems like my first!

Sad, but Cory hasn't been around to experience M/S since he has been gone to the CA Station Fire! Poor guy, it is 100-105 degrees and he is in CA fighting a fire! I miss him so much but I think this was in God's plan to help us with money issues and also for our hearts to grow fonder. Missing him is good for me, it is a wake up call that I am married to an amazing man and I don't remember how amazing he is until he is gone! Life is too short to take anyone for granted... I, of all people should know that but I really think God separates us to remind both of us, how good we have it!!!

Well, not many other symptoms,,, my breasts aren't hurting quite as bad as they were last week but they are still growing and getting hard. I have been extremely tired during the day and evening! I do look forward to the 2nd trimester when I will get some energy back! I am sleeping 8-9 hours and that is quite a bit for me!! My belly just looks like I ate too much! Kinda flabby, with two rolls! I am ready for it all to turn into one roll! I wish I was taller and could look like I had a cute little basketball when I get big, but I think I look more like I have a block of ice under my shirt! Ya, you can see me waddle and can tell I am pregnant from behind! AHG! can hardly wait to get huge! Another thing is I have NO patience for the boys. They haven't been listening worth a hoot but I don't know if my lack of patience is increased by their severe naughtiness or me being pregnant!?!?!

I am starting to feel some pressure down there, like a hard little ball sometimes! that is cool! Making me excited to feel movement, hopefully soon!

Well, that is about it for week seven... it is slow going but I think it is going!