Saturday, July 21, 2012

Annual Summertime update (Tenley)

Jan.2012 First haircut
It's summertime 2012... Summer of the Fires! Daddy's been gone most of the summer, working hard, putting in lots of overtime on more fires than I can count! So, I've been single mommy a lot this summer!  It has been so darn hot for so many days that we've spent a lot of time inside!  Thank God for the AC! and the swimming pool.

When you ask Tenley where her daddy is she yells out "FI-AHH!"  Implying, "duh, he's at another fire!"
waiting for her four wheeler ride!

Baby Tenley is so not our little babe anymore! She is now 28 months old and showing us how demanding a 2 year old little girl can be.  She knows what she wants and isn't afraid to express herself to get it.  Since her birth, the boys in this house have spoiled her by letting her have pretty much whatever she wants.  As she's gotten older, this has not changed, because she's learned how to scream loud enough to get what she wants.  Mommy on the other hand has mastered the carry to the bedroom, "We'll see ya when your nice" routine, which works fairly well.   However, I feel at such a loss when she throws fits outside the home and I don't have the bedroom as timeout!  She sure makes things tough sometimes, but we are all learning!
the carnival with Oakley

hangin' with mom!

Tenley is very smart and a pretty smooth talker!  She just said, "Mom,,, Jett-Oaka save me, keep me safe!"  She's pretty proud of her protectors!  
She loves to go outside, jump on the tramp, chase the chickens and cats and ride her trike.  She loves to follow her brothers around, read, snuggle, shake her booty, ride horses, ride the four wheeler with daddy, suck her thumb, pet doggies and watch "Zoomies on TB"  (Disney channel).  She loves fruit, green beans, black olives, peanut butter, yogurt, salad with lots of ranch dressing and of coarse her milk.  Tenley dislikes tomatoes, being told no, having to go inside, getting her diaper changed and going on the potty!  No, we are not potty training yet and she is still in her crib.  These are just a few things that might keep her my baby for a bit longer!  I am in no hurry for her to grow up! 
They just grow up too fast!