Wednesday, February 24, 2010

32 weeks and sick mama

So, long story short, I am sick... with a nasty head cold since last Thursday! My head has been so stuffed I can only breath through my mouth and now my throat is scratchy. I am feeling like it is trying to run its course but hoping that it doesn't go to my chest with a cough! Anyway, I am just praying I get better and don't have to get worse first!

I went to my 32 week Dr. appt yesterday! All was good! No sign of the bladder infection anymore, my blood pressure was still low, I measured 33 weeks and she's not concerned about my BIG weight gain! The baby's heart rate was upper 150's (which really sounds like a girl to me!) The boys were NEVER that high this late in the game! They were in the 130's the last two months of my pregnancy, so could this be a girl!? Only time will tell!

We are getting more and more excited to meet this little "Rolly Polly Baby" who wiggles and moves all the time!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

BOY or GIRL???

Penis or no Penis, is the question? Seriously, that is what I will be looking for the moment of delivery! I'm still coming to grips with the fact that either way, boy or girl, I've forced our whole family to endure this wait for the biggest surprise ever! This is huge! The closer it gets the harder it is to wait, to find out if my boys get a "Lil' Sis" or "Another-Brotha." My poor husband has been frustrated since that cold Friday back in November when we left our (only) ultrasound not knowing the sex of our baby! (I will admit, this is my fault, I demanded we would not find out!) I said we should just be happy to leave knowing our baby looked healthy! However, I can see how he is frustrated. There have been a few times it sure would have been convenient to know! For example, I bought two, yes two "take home from the Hospital blankets! " A pretty in pink and a beautiful blue, both with silky edges and a soft fuzzy lining! I've cut the tags off of both,,, and will be washing them both, with several pink and blue outfits, in just a few short weeks! So, what do we do with all the "Wrong" color!?!? Who knows! We might have to use the wrong color while at home the first week,,, or our other option is, just do more laundry to keep this baby in the "right color." THANKS to my friend Jenni who had triplet boys we have quite a few blue onsies and outfits for the 0-3 month size. I guess if it is a girl she can just pose as a tomboy or a cross dresser!?!?!

So, what does everyone think??? Lots of little people say "GIRL!" Jett and Oakley say girl but I think that is just because they want a girl so bad! Cory started out saying boy but has now started to shift to thoughts of a girl! I wish I would have a strong feeling either way but I don't think I can "let myself" get too excited about a girl because then what would I do if it turned out to be a boy! I guess I really think it is a boy just because that's the "luck" and plus, I know boys! I don't know what I would do with a girl other than spend WAY too much money on her outfits and SHOES,,, yeah, this mom doesn't have too many shoes but my daughter sure could! And, don't you think "she" would be too overly spoiled as the only grand-daughter on my side with two big brothers to take care of her! She'd have it made! Now, if adding another boy to the pile of boys we already have, I think we should probably name him "Tuff" so maybe he has a fighting chance of survival among the wild crew of boys! I think Oakley is coming to terms that he may not get his girl! He has now added an amendment to his normal bedtime prayer. He starts out saying, "Dear God, please make the baby be a girl and come out healthy." and now he adds to that, "And God, if you give us a boy we will still love it and be happy with a boy." Jett on the other hand, doesn't seem willing to take anything other than a girl! I, like Oakley, am also coming to terms with the fact that God knows best!

With all that talk of "luck of the draw" aside! I will say, this pregnancy has been very different than carrying the boys, in many ways! As with the boys, I never actually threw up, but this third pregnancy did have a lot more morning SICKness!!! The next two differences to be noticed were the bad acne and breast achyness and pain! I hardly had these two pregnancy symptoms with the boys,,, at least not worth mentioning but I sure did this time!! There has been a few other things but the biggest difference is how the baby moves inside of me. The boys were both very quiet and usually very still until they wanted to be noticed they would KICK or PUNCH very hard! I also felt the boys move pretty early (Jett just before the 17th week and Oakley around 14 weeks) However, I don't feel like I noticed movement until much later with this little one (18-20 weeks). The craziest thing is this baby is not a kicker or puncher more of a wiggler and a thumper! I honestly don't remember the boys rolling a "foot"all the way across the top of my belly or the "pushing." I can literally feel something come slowly pushing out of my side and I can just push it back where it belongs. We almost get into a pushing match! This baby also pushes off of the counter if I am too close for comfort! I do not have any recollection of the boys doing this!
With all these differences being noted I am wise enough to know it could still be a boy,,, just a different kind of boy I guess!
Won't it be an exciting moment when we find the answer to our long awaited surprise!!! Boy or girl, I love "it" and can't wait to meet "it"!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

30 week Dr. appt~

All was good!
Babies heartbeat was in the 14o's then went up to 150's. I forgot to ask what I measured but no worries,,, I can ask in two weeks when I have to go back, AGAIN!!!! I got enough weight gain- and then some, had blood in my urine and I was told I need to get a supportive pregnancy belt to hold up my (saggy) belly so I can try to keep walking/exercising! (Doubt I will actually get one of those,,, or even wear it if I did get one!)
She must have caught my bladder infection really early because I assured her I didn't have any symptoms. However, the symptoms have already started, so guess I better call her tomorrow! Ah the joys, but it's all worth it! I already love my "Wiggle Butt Baby" so much!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

PIctures by Tina at 30 weeks

I am quite pleased with these pictures! This is just a sneak peek, I am sure! ENJOY!

My over-active baby must not need a nap!

Ah geez, I am tired! Last night I slept great from 9:30 to 1am. However, at one o'clock I was awakened by a small little being inside of me acting as if it were frantic to get out, or it was practicing line-dancing, not sure which! The movement, almost constant, consisted of shaking, flutters, bumps, rolls and thumps all at the same time. It was really in there freaking out and just would not stop. I did notice it was worse on my right side but I still felt it all night on my left. Now, this was quite amusing for the first half hour or so but not so fun after 4 hours straight! Yes, you heard me, 4 hours! I am not kidding this baby's got stamina! I finally hung out on the couch from 2:30 to 4:30 am, trying to pass the awake time. I fell back asleep in my bed around 5, only to be aroused by Miss Antsy Pants several times before I finally just got up at 7am!
Now, here's the real amazing thing,,, somehow this baby had the energy to be VERY active all day! and now, as I type this at 1pm the following night I am once again bombarded by excessive movement! What's up with the child and what are we in for when it is born!??

I know it just wasn't too many weeks ago I was complaining about not feeling enough kicks and movements, but this is really insane! Honestly, it even makes me a little nauseous for some reason! And... I do NOT remember the boys doing this to me! (I'm pretty sure I would remember this!!!) I even got worried there could be some medical issue causing it so I called my OB nurse friend. She said a bigger worry would be if I didn't feel the baby at all! But, she suggested I go to the hospital to get monitored if I continued to feel worried! Since I thought that sounded silly I decided to stop worrying!
I normally love feeling the baby and I try to cherish every movement, but I just hope I can sleep tonight!