Sunday, April 4, 2010

Week 38...


Week 38 or I should I say approaching week 38 in two days and no signs of baby other than I have "practice" contractions every early morning from 2-4am. They hurt and are so annoying that I can't sleep through them but they aren't the "real" thing yet! I could wait, and would really like to wait another week but the wait would be so much nicer if I weren't in pain most of the time! With the "contractions" and braxton hicks, back pain and just general "icky" feeling I'm getting tired! But I will wait,,,



So, 38weeks and the Dr. appt was very uneventful~ I said NO THANK YOU to being checked this week! We didn't get to hear the babies heartbeat much because it was moving around so much! What little I did hear sounded "fast." I actually forgot to pee in the cup~ and that was no big deal I guess because they didn't make me try again! Anyway, all was good at this check up. The Dr. said I should take some Tylenol PM and try to sleep through those crazy pre-labor contractions and just be glad they are "getting me ready" whoohoo!~ Embrace the pain!

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  1. ... but your always sassy! Never Fat!!!

    I'm glad you had a great appointment! Hang in there, because your on the last breath of this pregnancy journey! :)

    I think you look beautiful, I LOVE your belly! I miss "the belly"!

    Hugs and Loves!