Saturday, August 22, 2009

back tracking,,,

So, we just found out,,, Tuesday Aug 11th, that we are expecting. I knew I was a day late but never thought much, as that could be normal. I was talking to a friend, Susie, and told her I was craving a glass of wine. So, we discussed I better go test first! I did and it was immediately 2 lines! I freaked out, started shaking and called Susie back! She was of coarse, super excited for me and she wished me luck with telling Cory.
I waited until the boys went to bed and then I showed Cory the test along with the instructions so he could read what a positive test looks like. I think I really caught him off guard and he actually tossed the test back at me! Needless to say, he was in denial and I think still is a bit shocked!

We figured night of conception was July 28th!!! (what a fun night!)

I went to the Dr. for the preliminary tests last week on Monday Aug. 17th. That all went fine!
I have just been praying about this pregnancy sticking, a full term pregnancy and HEALTH for the baby and myself! YES, I would like to pray for a girl but honestly, just a healthy baby in my arms, in April, is all I really want. Besides, God knows best what Cory and I need. He knows if the boys should have a brother or a sister!

END OF WEEK 5,,, I sort of feel pregnant, well sometimes. I was feeling a little sick to my stomach off and on but that has went away the last few days! (Which scares me! I would rather be sick and KNOW my baby is still alive than NOT be sick!) BUT, yesterday my breasts hurt something crazy and my nipples are very tender too so I guess that is good! I also feel like my belly is poking out some and its getting hard to keep it sucked in!! I will be 6 weeks on Tuesday the 25th so I am guessing the morning sickness and symptoms will kick in more as I get farther along. I also hope my husband will starting getting into this pregnancy and start preparing himself for Daddy of an infant! I guess he has 8 more months so surely he will be ready by then huh?

MY due date is April 20th... which is sort of cool since our wedding anniversary is April 19th.
We have actually told quite a few people about me being pregnant already so hoping we didn't jinx ourselves... wait, I'm not superstitious!!!
WHO knows:
Susie, (Cory,) Jill, Melissa, Grandma Horsie, Tasha T, Aunt Christi, Grandma Sharon, Aunt Sandy, Aunt Resann and Jay, Terry H, Jenni BL, and I think that is it... Cory's mom wants to tell more friends and family but I would rather wait until after the U/S at 9 weeks!

MY next appt is Sept 17th at 9am! EXCITING!!!! PRAYIN for STRONG, STEADY Heartbeat!

Also, a bit hard for me in where I am at,,,, I found out last night that Jeremy Camp's wife, Addi, just miscarried at about 14 weeks~ So sadden by the news and scared for my baby even more~

THINGS I am scared about:
Getting stinking huge and gaining too much weight
Maternity Leave-having baby too early and having to come back to school the last two weeks or so
Money issues while at home with NO PAY for six weeks!
Cory- just in general since this will be his first time with an infant

OKAY, that' s about it, I will do my best to post an update every week! Praying for a healthy baby and bring on the morning sickness!
Trusting in the Lord!

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