Saturday, August 29, 2009

What's behind the title?

2 Big Brothers and a First Time Daddy!!
The boys, have been "talking about" a baby for sometime now. I guess it probably started a year ago. I kept telling them they need to behave more so Daddy might decide he wants a baby! In June, when we were in CO for 10 days the boys (and me too) went through a huge, "I want a baby girl" stage! That just wasn't easy being around Maddy and Addi and Lily too! TOO many cute baby girls! I would say Oakley and I have had a dozen "baby sister" talks since then! Recently, Jett decided he could live without a baby but he did tell me that if God gave him another little brother he would still love him! Around the end of June the boys and I had a talk about "how we could possibly get a baby sister." They asked, so I told them! FIRST, God wants you to be married, which mommy and daddy are! Then mom and dad have to spend alone time praying about a baby and then God will decide if He wants to give us a baby! That was that! They were completely satisfied with that explanation! We haven't told them the good news yet! It is just too early and they don't need to "wait for too long!" If we wait until I am farther along chances of miscarriage are lower and plus they won't have to wait as long for their baby! However, just last week Oakley brought up wanting a baby sister again so I couldn't resist! I told them that I had talked Daddy into accepting the baby idea and that Mommy and Daddy had been praying about a baby! He was very excited that it was now a possibility! I thought it was only fair to tell Jett as well! He was happy but less excited. I did remind them both that the rest is up to God! God will decide if we are to have a baby in our family and if we get a boy or a girl!
Okay, So even though Cory is Daddy to the boys he doesn't have a clue about having a newborn. He doesn't even understand about this pregnancy! Cory became a staple in our family when Oakley was 2 1/2 and Jett was 4 1/2. Generally, Cory puts forth the effort to be a good daddy but he really "lucked out" with no diapers, no sleepless nights and not too much puke!!! So, in essence, Cory is a "first time daddy!" I was just thinking he is about to encounter a plathera of "firsts..." first time to hear a baby's heartbeat while it is still in the womb, feel a baby in-utero kick like he is trying to play soccer in there and of course there's the whole delivery thing! We won't scare him with that yet! (This is a little different than being married to a male nurse!!!!)
I just firmly believe that Cory needs this baby to FEEL what it feels like to REALLY be a DADDY! I pray he will melt when he hears the heartbeat and feels the baby kick! I pray he will be brought to tears when he hold HIS newborn baby in his strong arms for the first time!!! I pray there will be instant bonding with his baby! I also add to my pray requests that through this entire process he will bond more as a FATHER to the boys! That he will learn what it truly means to be a DAD and his heart will be all about (God and) his family!
Ya know a mother's heart is all about her kids! My kids are my life, I sacrifice so much for my kids, I give them the food off my plate, stay up with them in the night when they are sick, and just go out of my way to fully support them! That's just what mom's do! I know Cory does his best with the boys but since he hasn't been their dad since day one I just don't think he has that TRUE DAD BOND that this baby could bring him! Praying for this baby to be God's plan for all of us but especially for Cory! I'm asking God to do great things with Cory and our whole family through this baby! WHAT an amazing blessing this precious baby will be!

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  1. Keep Positive Thoughts! I'm sure that Cory will melt when he see's his baby on the U/S. How could he not?! I'm Praying for a healthy baby, too!
    I can't wait to follow your blog and go through this pregnancy with you! What fun! I need my baby fix too.. I can't WAIT to hold "Her"! :) <3 you my friend!