Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Starting the 3rd Trimester (28 weeks)

Well, here comes the end, only three months left! Less than three months now!

A few days this week I have actually thought, there is no way my body and I are going to make it 3 months! I am feeling really big and "losing myself in this big ol' belly!" This baby is so low I feel a lot of pressure and achyness very low, not to mention lots of bladder poking! Today I had a pretty good day that made me feel like- sure I can hold out for 3 more months but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Okay, all the complaints aside, I am really getting excited for this "real baby." The boys are too! All three of them have been feeling lots of movements! The little boys and I enjoy watching my belly roll and bump and move as the baby moves. Jett keeps saying, "Yep, there's definitely something alive in there!"

Cory is feeling excited about getting ready but yet I still think he is in for a small shock when the baby comes and time is running out to get ready. I guess, the non-reader that he is, there just isn't much he can do to prepare. He will just have to go through "shock therapy" when the baby comes! He did however, come home from a work trip to MT with 2 newborn outfits, a cute hoodie towel and some receiving blankets! What a thoughtful daddy!


  1. that is a big step...bringing home outfits. I think secretly he is jumping for joy!

  2. ps. If you want to make a plan for the boys to come to our home when you deliver, we will be on call if you need.