Saturday, February 6, 2010

My over-active baby must not need a nap!

Ah geez, I am tired! Last night I slept great from 9:30 to 1am. However, at one o'clock I was awakened by a small little being inside of me acting as if it were frantic to get out, or it was practicing line-dancing, not sure which! The movement, almost constant, consisted of shaking, flutters, bumps, rolls and thumps all at the same time. It was really in there freaking out and just would not stop. I did notice it was worse on my right side but I still felt it all night on my left. Now, this was quite amusing for the first half hour or so but not so fun after 4 hours straight! Yes, you heard me, 4 hours! I am not kidding this baby's got stamina! I finally hung out on the couch from 2:30 to 4:30 am, trying to pass the awake time. I fell back asleep in my bed around 5, only to be aroused by Miss Antsy Pants several times before I finally just got up at 7am!
Now, here's the real amazing thing,,, somehow this baby had the energy to be VERY active all day! and now, as I type this at 1pm the following night I am once again bombarded by excessive movement! What's up with the child and what are we in for when it is born!??

I know it just wasn't too many weeks ago I was complaining about not feeling enough kicks and movements, but this is really insane! Honestly, it even makes me a little nauseous for some reason! And... I do NOT remember the boys doing this to me! (I'm pretty sure I would remember this!!!) I even got worried there could be some medical issue causing it so I called my OB nurse friend. She said a bigger worry would be if I didn't feel the baby at all! But, she suggested I go to the hospital to get monitored if I continued to feel worried! Since I thought that sounded silly I decided to stop worrying!
I normally love feeling the baby and I try to cherish every movement, but I just hope I can sleep tonight!

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  1. I slept much better! I felt the baby several times but I was able to sleep through it since I was so tired! Now, this morning it is very quiet. It must be playing catch up on the sleep!