Tuesday, February 9, 2010

30 week Dr. appt~

All was good!
Babies heartbeat was in the 14o's then went up to 150's. I forgot to ask what I measured but no worries,,, I can ask in two weeks when I have to go back, AGAIN!!!! I got enough weight gain- and then some, had blood in my urine and I was told I need to get a supportive pregnancy belt to hold up my (saggy) belly so I can try to keep walking/exercising! (Doubt I will actually get one of those,,, or even wear it if I did get one!)
She must have caught my bladder infection really early because I assured her I didn't have any symptoms. However, the symptoms have already started, so guess I better call her tomorrow! Ah the joys, but it's all worth it! I already love my "Wiggle Butt Baby" so much!

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