Wednesday, March 31, 2010

week 37 and gearing up for Easter

My 37 week appt was "just another appt." I had the "always in a hurry Dr" so I don't know much about the details but everything is fine. She checked me and said I am "maybe" dilated to a 2. That really doesn't mean anything since I know I can walk around dilated for weeks!

As I reflect back there have been so many differences from this pregnancy to the boys. So, one big NEW difference includes the false labor Monday night after I had a rough day of feeling awful!! I never had that with the boys.... once I started timeable, measurable contractions I was in real labor and delivered a baby boy (with both boys). So when these contractions came on with this lil' one Monday night I got a bit nervous! Although this was obviously false labor because they were so speratic and some were pretty strong, while others were not! 2 mins,,,, 7 mins,,,, 4 mins,,,, 9 mins,,,, Cory was a trooper staying up with me from 2 to 4:30am. I was very glad when God answered my prayer to make them go away!! :) Then I slept great until the alarm went off!

Tuesday I felt okay but just tired!

What an amazing turn around today though! I've really felt good all day. My back hasn't even hurt much! I will admit, I have NOT worked out this week or been walking much to try to lay low and keep this baby in for another week but feeling good right now is important!~
I keep praying I can deal with these last few weeks of aches and pains, stress and crazy contractions!

NOW, can I make it through Easter!? I sure hope so! We have dinner plans with our neighbors. I plan to have some baked chicken and the boys favorite fruit fluff salad, partake in some egg dying and of coarse some egg finding!!! ~
We are so thankful to our Savior, Christ Jesus, who has risen, and that we live where we can freely celebrate His resurection!

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