Sunday, May 16, 2010

She's almost 4 weeks

WOW, how time flies, especially when I didn't even post her birth story until yesterday!

Just wanted to share a few pictures and say that my baby girl is so wonderful! We all are SSSSOOOO in LOVE with her! Yes, she fusses and gets crabby from time to time. Yep, she's a typical baby, and so worth it! I just can't believe how much love and joy she has brought to our family!

The boys think their sissy is so kissable. They will surely be protecting her every chance they get! Daddy is still in awe of his beautiful baby girl! They are so adorable to watch as he kisses on her, snuggling her tight! He is getting better at changing diapers and changing her cloths!

Tenley is growing like a weed, seriously her cheeks have chubbed out and she looks so healthy! She eats all the time so that only makes sense that she is getting so big so fast. I am eager to see how much she weighs at her 1 month Dr. appt on Thurs (May 20th)

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