Thursday, May 6, 2010

SHE'S HERE,,, Tenley's birth story


Tenley Hope Neuharth's birth story
told by Mommy,,, aka Stacey

The day before my due date: Monday April 19th- Cory and Stacey's 2nd wedding anniversary.

I went to work, everyone was surprised to see me. At the end of the day I told my aid/sub, "K, see ya tomorrow!" Which she reminded me that was the first time I didn't say I might be there the next day! She thought I was trying to trick myself but honestly I was just feeling like I might be pregnant for another week or two so I really figured I would be there!

The boys went to a friends/neighbors and Cory and I went out to supper,,, Guadalaharas!!! I tried to order something NOT too spicy! It was good but honestly by Tuesday afternoon I was regretting it! (But I will spare you those details!)

Anyway, I walked home from the neighbors, while Cory picked the boys up. I was trying to get things going,,, but no contractions all night. I slept good and,,,


I woke up feeling pretty good, ready to go work! Well, that is until I thought I peed my pants. Actually my water broke so I called Cory and yelled at the boys to get in the car! We got the boys dropped off at school and got to the hospital by 7:30am. I was only dilated to a 2,,, which is what I had been for several weeks! I was having some contractions on my own but they weren't any worse than what I had been having for two weeks! The Dr finished breaking my water because she thought that might get my contractions going but after lots of waiting, walking and bouncing on the ball,,, contractions almost stopped! By 11:30 am I was getting frustrated, hungry and grouchy! I was so upset that I didn't go into the next stage of labor on my own like I did with the boys. I kept say, "This isn't how it is supposed to go!"

At little after noon, the Dr. came back, checked me again, confirmed I had not made any progress on my own so they started Pitocin.

I held out for my epidural and in fact, waited TOO LONG! That, I would say was the worst, by the time the epidural lady got there I was not a happy camper! The pitocin contractions were BAD and I had about five while she was administering the epidural, which really sucked! Then I started to progress so fast that the epidural didn't really have time to work! After 30 minutes of getting the epidural I was complete and given the okay to start pushing. I started "real" pushing at 4:30 and our baby GIRL was born at 5:07pm with the cord tight around her neck! The Dr. had to cut the cord off of her neck and then as soon as she knew, she yelled, "It's a girl!" I couldn't believe it,, I kept saying, "NO WAY, really???" I was very happy and so was daddy! Aunt Resann, who was happy for a niece, got to be in the delivery room the whole time, she even helped hold a leg!

Our baby girl came out just perfect,,, 7lbs 0.9oz and they stretched her out to 20 inches!

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