Friday, September 4, 2009

Week Seven

Well, this is Friday of Week seven. I guess my weeks start on Tuesday... So, anyway. I starting feeling real Morning Sickness (M/S) this week. Like Seven weeks on the dot,,, Tuesday morning I felt it. Then Wed morning a little more. Always, the same time of the morning, in the car driving to work. Then Thursday morning I thought I might puke! I didn't thank goodness but needless to say, M/S and 7:30am staff meetings don't mix. Every morning it starts when I get in the car, doesn't matter if I ate already or not and it lasts until 9:00am. Then I am fine! I actually felt so good all week in the afternoons I worried something was wrong. I forget I am pregnant and when I all of a sudden remember I think, "OH gosh, what if I am NOT pregnant?" BUT then I eventually quit worrying about it and I am fine. I am so eager for that U/S on the 17th I can barely stand it! I just want to hear its heartbeat and see a little peanut in there! It seems like it has been so long since I found out... I guess really only 3.5 weeks but WOW, it is going slow! Sometimes I think this feels like my first pregnancy. I freak out and anticipate so much that you would think this is my first! Guess it has just been so long it seems like my first!

Sad, but Cory hasn't been around to experience M/S since he has been gone to the CA Station Fire! Poor guy, it is 100-105 degrees and he is in CA fighting a fire! I miss him so much but I think this was in God's plan to help us with money issues and also for our hearts to grow fonder. Missing him is good for me, it is a wake up call that I am married to an amazing man and I don't remember how amazing he is until he is gone! Life is too short to take anyone for granted... I, of all people should know that but I really think God separates us to remind both of us, how good we have it!!!

Well, not many other symptoms,,, my breasts aren't hurting quite as bad as they were last week but they are still growing and getting hard. I have been extremely tired during the day and evening! I do look forward to the 2nd trimester when I will get some energy back! I am sleeping 8-9 hours and that is quite a bit for me!! My belly just looks like I ate too much! Kinda flabby, with two rolls! I am ready for it all to turn into one roll! I wish I was taller and could look like I had a cute little basketball when I get big, but I think I look more like I have a block of ice under my shirt! Ya, you can see me waddle and can tell I am pregnant from behind! AHG! can hardly wait to get huge! Another thing is I have NO patience for the boys. They haven't been listening worth a hoot but I don't know if my lack of patience is increased by their severe naughtiness or me being pregnant!?!?!

I am starting to feel some pressure down there, like a hard little ball sometimes! that is cool! Making me excited to feel movement, hopefully soon!

Well, that is about it for week seven... it is slow going but I think it is going!

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