Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finally,,, half done!

Or,,, is it, "only half done!?" We have our twenty week ultrasound this Friday the 4th! I am getting excited but nervous about "not" finding out the sex of the baby!

The baby has been moving more but is still VERY LOW!!!! The little taps and movements are so uncomfortable but yet so comforting to know it is moving, which in my mind means good news! My belly is getting bigger and is it is finally noticeable that I am actually pregnant! I don't get the "is she pregnant?" stare anymore! In fact, just yesterday a lady at the checkout said, "OHHH, looks like we are getting a baby for Christmas huh?" I tried to smile as I said, "well, yeah, actually in April." So,,, I must be getting bigger huh? Ah, maybe that is because I have had a HUGE appetite and I am eating like a horse!!! Ah, the joys,,, getting kicked in the bladder, getting fat, and oh there's somethings I won't mention to spare you! But, all this aside, I know it is totally worth it! Our whole family is getting excited to be a family of five!!!


We just got back from four nights in Colorado at my friend's house for Thanksgiving. We had a great time. The special baby part was taking the kids (baby in-uteruo and all) to the Butterfly Pavilion where Donnie and I went when Jett was in-uteruo! What a special day for us!!!

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  1. That is a GREAT Color on you! I Love that shirt! You have a GORGEOUS Baby Belly! Makes me miss mine.. but only for a minute! I really miss the movement! You look great too.. fat? where? I beg to differ!!! I love the picture of you and the boys.. they are getting so big!

    I can't believe your 20 wks... on one hand it seems like FOREVER since we found out! on the other.. holy wow baby will be here soon! YAY!

    Welcome home..