Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finally,,, they know!

Ah, seriously, my belly has been getting so big and EVERYONE, even strangers have been noticing,,, well that is except my 12 and 13 year old students! I thought this was going on long enough and getting ridiculous!
So, I gave them a journal writing assignment to help me share the news. The first journal prompt said, 'Write about everything and anything you know about babies!' They were a little perplexed at first, but were able to come up with a few things like:
'Babies are cute but they poop, eat, sleep and keep you up at night!' (Gee aren't they smart middle schoolers!) A few of them even volunteered to tell me how babies were made but lucky for me, they didn't go into too much detail!
I had them unfold the paper and continue writing about the second part of the prompt... 'Now, write why you think Mrs N. picked this journal topic.' Can you believe only one student wrote ANYTHING responding to this second prompt. She wrote, "OMG, MRS N, are you PREGNANT!???"
Funny huh,,, so after reading all of the journals I let that student read hers and then finally it was all crystal clear to the rest of them, as to why I was "getting fat!" A few of them said they were starting to think I was going to have a baby, but they didn't want to say anything in case I was just getting fat! FUNNY HUH!

Now, since they know I am having a baby, they are very clever to get me off topic during teaching time to discuss their choices for baby names! I've assured them I will consider their baby name suggestions, but to not be hurt if Cory picks something different! HAHA!HA! I did however, have to flat out tell one student NO when he asked me to name it Buck! Oh now, I just thought of something! Cory might like that name; that might be one he actually agrees on. AND gee, if we have a girl we can name her Doe! Okay, enough with the funny business, this "fat teacher" better get to bed!


  1. That is funny! I can't believe it took them so long to catch on! I think you have the cutiest lil belly growin there - but I guess I've not seen what your wearing to school!

    So, Um.. Yeah!
    Buck .... NO!
    Doe.. No!

    You should stop by Babyzones Name board - Don't have to ever post but those lady have some crafty/clever names!

    Ya know... I may stop by myself. I'll let ya know anything I find! :)
    <3 Ya Girly

  2. way to cute, ..and there are worse names than Buck......I think.