Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 36 update

things are happening... yes I know,, they can "happen" for four more weeks! Right Jett?!?! So, you ask, what's happening? CHANGES in this mama's body! First, the baby is dropping! It is cork-screwing its head DOWN while at the same time pushing off the "side wall" preparing for the grand entry. My back has been hurting quite a bit and I feel "crampy" often. Oddly, my breasts have been tender this week and I actually had some contractions on Friday night! HUM!!!
So it was good to go to the Dr. today and get the news that I was only dilated to a one (if that) and not looking like anything is going to happen "too early". News from the Dr. was all good! My blood pressure was fine. Baby's heart rate was 145,,, "she" must have been sleeping! I measured 37 weeks which is totally normal!
So, I say this was good news at the Dr. because I DO NOT want to have this baby in March! I am sure I will make it to April but I guess you never know!
Just for the record,,, Jett was born ON HIS DUE DATE and Oakley was 10 days early! So, if I had to guess I would say I will have this baby the week of April 12th! (SWEET,,, I'll miss the DSTEP at work,,, I'm okay with that!)

Now, I am going to go to bed and as I drift off in to (weird) dreamland I will be praying for a GREAT epidural when the time comes!

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