Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 13 and Dr. appt

AHHH, finally, I am outta the first trimester! YEAH!!! Not a whole lot has changed,,, other than my belly is slowly growing, I've told a few more people mostly at work, I'm feeling some light movement, I started Physical Therapy (PT) and we told the boys!
The best part of the week was Friday Oct 16th when we told the boys. We've been hyping them up for awhile now about this big "Surprise" we have for them. After supper I sat down on the couch with them while Cory videoed the whole thing. They were really wondering what was up when dad started the video on the camera! I told them that our prayer had worked because mommy's going to have a baby! They were both very surprised with big smiles and giggles! Oakley's first comment was "how do you know."

The third Dr. appt (Oct 14th) was with Dr. Hill. This was the first time we've met her. She was running late, as OB Drs usually do, so she seemed very rushed with us. She said the baby's heartbeat was in the 15o's but honestly, we could barely hear it because their Doppler sound is such poor quality. (I'm just not impressed and neither is Cory with the heartbeat thing,,, which is sad because I remember that being a very exciting part when I was pregnant with the boys!)
I felt rushed to hurry and get my questions in... one of which was this pain I've had in my neck/gland area for over 4 months now. I tried taking Zertec as it was suggested to me at my first Dr. appt but I still get the pain and there is obviously a small lump in there. We don't think this is pregnancy related. She wants me to get it checked out by an ENT (Nov4th). She did say it doesn't feel like lymphoma because it probably wouldn't hurt and would feel harder and less "movable". I don't feel worried. Oh, I did get my regular flu shot while I was at this Dr. appt and now I am praying about the H1N1,,, if i should get the vaccine or not!!??!?

The movement I am feeling is not like the butterfly flutter I remember from the boys,,, it is more like this little peanut is balling up and doing a flip. Every once and while I will feel pain and pressure very low, on my bladder and then it will go away as fast as it came. I think this baby is really feeling out the boundaries!?!?! I felt two stronger movements today while sitting on the couch. It make me say, "Oh Hellllooooo baby!!" Now, I am really excited for all 3 of the boys feel it move!

So, what hasn't changed...
My students still don't know their teacher's pregnant; they're middle schoolers and don't pay attention to anything that doesn't directly pertain to their social life! :)

Cory is still perplexed at my growing belly but hasn't gotten too overly excited about this baby thing!

My back still hurts, PT hasn't made a difference,,, other than in my checkbook.

Cory and I are still in major disagreement about finding out the sex of the baby! He wants to know- he's a planner. I don't want to know because I want it to be different than the first two and I just want to be surprised the day the baby comes (everyone knows I want a girl but it won't matter when I hold my healthy baby!)

Well, as I head into week 14, I am praying for health of the entire family and for this mommy to be pain free!

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  1. YEAH... movement is the BEST thing EVER! After Cory feels baby move.. I WANT TO! I miss that part of pregnancy so much! Gas flutters really seem to help and take me back to such blissful memories!
    I'm sorry your not yet impressed with the Dr's or their heartbeat thingy! I hope that you fall in love with one of them, soon! I think they are both wonderful but WAY Over booked as I "THINK" they are the only two Ob's here! (I could be wrong)

    I will be praying for you to be Pain Free soon! Lower back pain SUCKS the big one!

    Talk to you soon!
    <3 you!