Saturday, October 3, 2009

11 weeks and counting...

WOW, I am nearing the end of the eleventh week. This week did go by faster although, with this back pain, I am not sure how!?! I am still very excited to get done with the first trimester and I am so excited to feel those movements. (shouldn't be much longer since i know what I am feeling for and we have confirmation that this little one is very active!)

The highlight of the week was when my back pain increased to more than I could handle,,, then I started cramping around the front so I ended up going to the Dr. for a quick checkup. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay and discuss my stupid backache! She determined the cramping was just "third baby pains" and the backache needed a new chair at work, physical therapy and possibly a new job! haha! Unfortunately I can only take Tylenol which doesn't do a thing! I did get to hear the comforting sound of the little one's heartbeat!!! At first she kept looking for the heartbeat on the left side and all she could get was my heartbeat. I knew from feeling a "hard ball of pressure" it was on the right. I pointed to where I thought it was and said, "Try right here." She did and there it was,,, well for a second, then it moved. She found it again and then it kept moving! She said, "It sure is an active little thing." I thought to myself, "yeah just like it's dad and its two brothers, can't sit still."
Anyway, it was great to hear the baby was okay in there and meanwhile I just need to "cowgirl up" as my mom would say.

I saw the chiropractor and got a massage on Thursday. I felt a little better Friday but today (Saturday) the back pain is just ridiculous!
K, well, I am going to go "Cowgirl up" and get ready for Oakley's soccer game and Swimming birthday party.

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  1. You did good...the Party was fun and I am so Proud of Oakley hope you felt better today AHP