Sunday, September 20, 2009

week 9 is almost over!

Okay, another week down!
I had my first real Dr. appt and U/S on Thursday the 17th. It was a good day to go because I had some serious pain going on that morning, so to calm my nerves it was just good to see the Dr.
Here's what I think was the cause of that pain,,, the whole night before I kept waking up and as I was waking up I was stretching, like arching my back and stretching as long as my body would reach! WHY?? I don't have a clue because it was the pain from the stretching that would wake me up! BUT, for some stupid reason I kept doing it, like 5 times! Anyway, the whole morning I had this stupid "Stretched out" pain! The pain actually subsided by the time I got to the Dr. after walking around at work for an hour and a half. :)
All the normal stuff: urine test-good and blood pressure- good~

Cory came with so he could see the peanut and hear the heartbeat! Unfortunately, after I asked about the H1n1 vaccine, the Dr. spend most of my appt time printing out H1N1 info and therefore we got very little time to gaze at our baby! We literally had 2-3 seconds to watch the baby float around and even wiggle a little. Then she showed us the heartbeat which was 171 bpm. AND, that was that!!! We did get a print out of the baby pic. We decided it looked like a ghost baby! "Booo, ahh!"

The Dr. showed us a dark spot on the U/S picture that she said could be a blood clot or maybe just a large blood vessel. This was slightly scary but she didn't seem concerned. She confirmed with me that I have NOT been bleeding at all and said that if I should start bleeding to get into the clinic right away. So, I am not worried, well until I think about it! (So, don't ask me about it!)

So, anyway, as we left we were both thinking, "well, that wasn't that special!" I feel bad that I say that but I guess I just had such high expectations for this U/S being so amazing, thinking that we would have some great connection with our baby (specially Cory) and that just wasn't the case!
Personally, I can't wait to feel movement. I wonder what Cory will think the first time he feels the baby kick him!!!
So, we've told a few more people,,, just friends here and there. Like a friend of Resann's whom I'm also friends with, who happens to be the head OB delivery nurse at the hosp in Sfish! I had to tell Kristen M so her and Melissa could have something to talk about!! heehee! Cory told Marty and grandma Peterson. I'm sure the overly excited Grandma Sharon told everyone she knows after hearing that we in fact had a viable pregnancy after that U/S. :)

Here is a first,,, Thursday night we went to church for our first night of Financial Peace University Class and Cory's ol' Powerlifting friend Janeen C., who was also attending the class, GUESSED!!! She was very brave to ask. She looked down at my belly (which really just looks like I'm eating too many donuts right now) and said, "Are you pregnant!?" I couldn't believe she said that but I couldn't deny it either! :) Leave it to Janeen to be the first to ask! LOL!
I still haven't told anyone at work! and there are still a few friends who stare at my belly but I haven't told them!
So, on to week TEN!!! whoohoo! I am very eager to get out of the first trimester! :)

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