Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who knows now? geez who doesn't know?

We haven't told the boys yet and I am trying to keep it a secret at work since I am only ten weeks but people are staring at my belly, starting rumors and guessing and now they are talking. My answer is, "Do I look pregnant?" and I walk off! WHICH apparently I do look preggo already because Oakley just came up to me and said, "Looks like your prayers working,,, you are getting a big ol belly!"
I said, "ya think?"
and he said, "Well either you aren't working out enough or you are gonna have a baby!" SO,,, I guess it is time to tell them!! This sucks! I am only ten weeks and only having one baby and already showing! What's up with that. I could see if I were having 3 babies like my friend Jenni, keeping it a secret at ten weeks would be impossible, right? but seriously, I am sure we are only having one!!! what gives???

oh and to add insult to injury... yesterday I was wearing a pair of pre-pregnancy dress pants that I barely got buttoned that morning. Only an hour into work and the stupid button popped off! Yeah, I am feeling FAT! I am ready to feel the baby kick, move or do something so this gets more exciting than getting fat and popping buttons!

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  1. You are NOT getting fat! You look GREAT and seriously IDK why people are thinking you look pg.
    Anyway -- WOW on Oakley's comment.. He's a pretty intuitive lil guy isn't he? What a sweetheart!
    You are so awesome to be writting these -- I wish I had something to look back on, but I'm NOT a writer and never thought about blogging my pregnancy!
    <3 you my friend!