Friday, September 11, 2009

Ending week Eight

Well, it is Friday of week 8. AND let me just say, it has been a long week! I am glad it is Friday. I am truly so tired I really don't think I can finish this blog tonight! Will need to do it tomorrow after SLEEP!

Okay, five days later, I feel like I have time and energy to finish my overdue week 8!
Really, the only thing to speak of is being tired and gassy! I know, TMI, but where is all this as coming from!? agh!
Oh and my belly is starting to poke out more! (Cory noticed it is growing when he got home from CA) My belly feels so "bloated" and very high! I really wish I had a longer torso. No one has noticed yet but I think a few people, one girl at work and my friend Dawn, have been starring at my belly! I can imagine they are thinking, 'Ok, is she getting fat, or could she be preggo?' But that is just too big of a risk to ask at this point! Heehee!
When they do ask, I am going to tell them NO and make them feel bad! haha! oh, that's bad, I know,,, paybacks= my belly just jiggled when I laughed! AGH!!!!!!

Thurs. the 17th is my next appt where we should get to do an U/S! I am so excited to see the peanut and have Cory experience this with me!


  1. I am so glad Cory is coming home tomorrow! and I agree with you! It was God's plan in all ways! I'm very sleepy tonight too.. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.
    <3 you and can't wait to see U/S pictures! :)

  2. Oh the first trimester.... It is so tiring especially when you are working and parenting full time. I am glad that Cory will be making it home soon.I am excited to see the US picture too!!!