Monday, December 28, 2009

Finally Jett and Daddy felt the baby

Finally, Jett felt the baby yesterday, December 27th. He was super excited and shocked that it felt different than he thought it would.

Cory felt the baby this evening (Dec 28th). He was also surprised,,, that it didn't feel stronger!
I say, give it time. We are only 25 weeks, so in ten more weeks that baby is going to be much stronger!!!!

Oakley felt it again yesterday morning. Oakley enjoys snuggling in bed with us in the mornings and so he got to feel the baby during it's active time (7am).

AND me,,, I feel the baby a lot now. Mostly very low tapping feeling but at least I can feel it all the time now! Sometimes it gets uncomfortable but I still enjoy it,,, knowing that the baby is healthy enough to move is a good, reassuring thing for a mama!

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