Sunday, December 6, 2009

Starting week 21 and getting excited

Well, I guess because of the ultrasound and pictures we are all getting more excited. For me, it is probably because I am feeling more movements. They are still pretty weak little taps, little movements and an occasional roll-over but more frequently. Despite the fact that the movements are very low I am still enjoying feeling the baby!
The boys are getting more and more excited. They come love on the baby several times a day! They are so adorable when they hug and kiss my belly! Oakley especially enjoys talking to the baby and Jett says he keeps having dreams about his baby "sister".

I think it is getting more real for Cory too. I caught him looking at dresser/changing tables online tonight! Ya know, he's the planner!

Cory and I both think it is a boy... Cory because he wants a boy, me- because I am just trying to prepare myself for another boy! The boys undoubtedly want a girl and think it is a girl!

No one else has got to feel the baby yet! It is just too low and too light! Cory has been close but every time he puts his hands on my belly she's completely still. I think she is playing "freeze tag" with dad!

Have a great week!

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