Thursday, December 24, 2009

23 weeks at Christmas 2009

I am feeling good, doing good and just feeling so blessed to have such wonderful boys, all three of them, as I await our new baby!

2009 Christmas Eve Belly
photo by: Jett Blakeman
Our baby, is still very low but knows how to make itself present, at least to mom anyway. It has been very hard for anyone else to feel baby. I think this is because its faces in towards me and so I feel the kicks but they aren't felt on the outside so much. Oakley was the first and, so far, the only to feel the baby. He was so excited yesterday, December 23rd, when put I his hand on my belly and, booom, there was a little thump... "Mom, Mom, Maaaaaaammm, I FELT IT! It felt like this,,, FLICK!"
I think Dad and Jett were a little jealous! Surely, at only 23 weeks, they will have time to feel the baby!
I have been fighting a congested head with a stuffy nose. I feel pretty good overall so I am not sure if it is a head cold or just this dry weather, allergies and/or the stuffy head thing from pregnancy!?!?! Whatever it is, I am praying it goes away soon and it doesn't move into my chest! Meanwhile, crank up the humidifiers!!!!
Cory is eager to get the babies room ready. I am feeling like I am in NO hurry and know I work best under pressure but I've decided I can let Cory take over and do what he wants with the room as long as he doesn't require me to work till my back breaks! Which by the way, my back has been a little achy but bearable! Thank the Lord there!!!!
Merry Christmas to all

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  1. good update, but you forgot to mention your new "do" I like it. Merry Christmans, Mom